Testimony draft

Draft My name is Devin and I believed in God when I was in elementary. While growing up there are many family issues and personal struggles in my life. Family struggles: While I was growing up, my parents would get into arguments, sometimes I would already be asleep and wake up to their yelling at… Continue reading Testimony draft


Well I already did some thanking, but there’s still so much I give thanks for. Sunday Oct 13, we had some thanksgiving for people in our life, and brothers & sisters in church. There were many brothers and sisters that shepherded me. It’s been 25+ years give or take. Mentioned before, but some time after… Continue reading Thanksgiving


I am weak, but you are strongIn man’s view I am insignificant, but you show me my valueOnly in you, can I be satisfiedYou know me deeplyYou care for meYou save me from the dark valleyHelp my steps to be established by youHelp me to be more than a conquerorThrough the challenges and difficulties, you… Continue reading Untitled

June 22

Perhaps I should share some of this verbally one day, Bunch of topics mixed in. I thank brothers and sisters for your support for the support from young to now. Over the 20 years and probably the 5 years before that, I have grown from how I was back then. I was more shy then… Continue reading June 22