Draft 3

Hi everyone, my name is Devin. I grew up in Vancouver and I have been living with my parents and my older sister. I always thought my family situation wasn’t good, but when compared to other friends’ stories whose parents were involved in gambling, drinking, relationship problems, and/or even violence, thankfully my family have not […]

Draft 2

Hi everyone, my name is Devin, and I grew up in Vancouver with my older sister. We currently live with my mother and father. While growing up during elementary, my parents often got into arguments in which sometimes I would already be sleeping. Though I don’t remember what they were about, I believe they were […]

Testimony draft

Draft My name is Devin and I believed in God when I was in elementary. While growing up there are many family issues and personal struggles in my life. Family struggles: While I was growing up, my parents would get into arguments, sometimes I would already be asleep and wake up to their yelling at […]


Well I already did some thanking, but there’s still so much I give thanks for. Sunday Oct 13, we had some thanksgiving for people in our life, and brothers & sisters in church. There were many brothers and sisters that shepherded me. It’s been 25+ years give or take. Mentioned before, but some time after […]

I am weak, but you are strongIn man’s view I am insignificant, but you show me my valueOnly in you, can I be satisfiedYou know me deeplyYou care for meYou save me from the dark valleyHelp my steps to be established by youHelp me to be more than a conquerorThrough the challenges and difficulties, you […]

June 29 2019 on bus to work.

After joining team for 30 mins and on bus after taking short nap Your always waiting for me Many times I stumble I have been far away from you But your love is always the same Never changing Through all the seasons, through all my life Your love to me is the same Through the […]

June 22

Perhaps I should share some of this verbally one day, Bunch of topics mixed in. I thank brothers and sisters for your support for the support from young to now. Over the 20 years and probably the 5 years before that, I have grown from how I was back then. I was more shy then […]

Protected: Journey – present

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Protected: Journey part 1

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Protected: My Spiritual State

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