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Hi everyone, my name is Devin, and I grew up in Vancouver with my older sister. We currently live with my mother and father.

While growing up during elementary, my parents often got into arguments in which sometimes I would already be sleeping. Though I don’t remember what they were about, I believe they were mostly about relatives, as my mother did not get along with her in-laws.

To others, my family looks normal. My parents did not involve in gambling or drinking; they would work hard to make money to try to take care of my sister and me. My mother worked morning until late afternoon or night. My father would go to work in the afternoon until very late at night.

In my early elementary years, my grandparents on my father’s side came to Canada and lived with us. However, as I mentioned, my mother did not get along with in-laws; she forced them to move out, even going to their suite and take back a rice cooker.

When my grandmother was sick, she didn’t visit or even attend her funeral. She would argue when asked to go, she would complain about in-laws. During that period, my father asked me whom I would go with if my father and mother split apart.

My sister doesn’t like my mother for all those things she did to others and herself. However, despite all the problems at home, we all still live together. Sometimes, we may have an argument here and there, but not as bad as the past.

Personally, I seldom get into an argument with my family. However recently I had a trip planned last December with others in the church, in which I paid for my ticket and got my things ready to go. However, in the end, my mother stopped me from going. Some friends from church even came over to my house to talk to my mother. She talked loudly and argued with them, but they continued to speak with her.

Often in elementary, I would visit friends; when I see their family, I would often compare mines to theirs, and when I first came to church and seeing friends from church, I would see how healthy and good their family atmosphere is, wishing I had the same.

When I believed in God, I was attracted by the care and love of brothers and sisters in the church. When I learned how to be close to God, I stopped having depressing thoughts. Despite facing family struggles, brothers and sisters gave me support, care, and concern.

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