I am weak, but you are strong
In man’s view I am insignificant, but you show me my value
Only in you, can I be satisfied
You know me deeply
You care for me
You save me from the dark valley
Help my steps to be established by you
Help me to be more than a conqueror
Through the challenges and difficulties, you face me, you are my shield, my rock, my fortress

I am a new creation, though sometimes I feel that I act like old self.
I try to cut bad thoughts that are not edifying to my spirit, but it’s been so hard to so.

Some bros say I smile too much (smiling in wrong situation), but now that I reflect, I actually don’t smile outside of “church’ or when bro/sis not around. Not that I don’t feel anything, when I am by myself I feel weak (or much worse); I just think negatively . Was reminded to not add attack myself along with enemy. Yesterday reminded me of new creation more. That the old is gone and the new came.

Some bros know how I think, positively or negatively, because I keep saying what I think or feel. It’s not helping anyone and I just end up dwelling on my thoughts and feeling. Even when I realize it’s just the enemy and with me kinda helping attack myself.

I feel so powerless that I don’t have the strength to be positive than to be negative or cut thoughts/feelings. But I know it takes practice and time. And turning back to him.

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