Story of my baptism

So I have been coming to 123 since 1998, and then a couple years before at 701 in Chinatown. I haven’t gotten baptized until my grade 12 year in 2006. Originally my dad is fine, because he goes to 123 himself. However, my mom is didn’t want me to get baptized. On the Sunday morning, […]

Journey – present

As I mentioned, in the past I broke through singing, voicing out and sharing, but certain circumstances happened and I stopped voicing and sharing. Now whenever I want to voice out or share I have the same problem as I had in the past. I get nervous and my heart beat faster. Now I have […]

Journey part 1

This has been written before, but still stuck with me. When I first came to the church in Chinatown, I really don’t remember anything, besides the people and their care. I only listened to whatever they said but didn’t really understand much at that time. I do remember watching slides. Then I moved, by God’s […]

My Spiritual State

I realize that I cannot let my spirit be like this. I have been going to church before I was in grade 3. I had breakthroughs throughout my journey. Then I let my spirit fall back. Through the holy spirit I felt my spirit’s needs. I woke up at 7:30am, I was tearing up because […]

What I felt today April 14 2019

Looks like I am blogging again to get my thoughts and feelings out. During break-bread I felt the holy spirit tell me that I should respond to God and voice out and some bro/sis prayers did seem to reflect that. I haven’t voiced out for many years, I broke through voicing out before, but for […]

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